For the Kind Attention of the Donors

It is the principle of the Ashram, right from its inception, not to ask for any donation from the guests, visitors, devotees and well-wishers of the Ashram. However, all the activities of the Ashram are carried out through donations only. Therefore, the desire to offer any donation should come from the heart of the donor. Such voluntary contributions, however small or big, shall be accepted wholeheartedly and the same shall be utilised for the noble cause of Gurudev’s Mission.

Indian Donation

(Remittance by Indian Citizens & NRIs)

Foreign Donation

(Remittance by Foreign Nationals & OCIs)


Payment towards Puja and Membership/Patron/Branch Affiliation Fee are not accepted through Online Donations.

For purchase of books, the donors can use the link Online Books Purchase.

Donation towards Corpus Fund (Mooldhan Fund) should be of Rs.25,000/- or above.

Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) should donate through ‘Foreign Donation’, whereas the Non Resident Indians (NRI) should donate only through ‘Indian Donation’ with their Indian Address.